Kimia Electronic Company, with the support of more than 23 years of experience in consulting, design, supply of equipment, installation, commissioning and specialized training in the telecommunications industry and electronic protection and providing various products with the latest technologies in this field, including video surveillance systems , Access control and traffic, peripheral protection, public call, fire alarm, radio systems, network and SCADA relying on financial strength, technical knowledge, operational experience and close cooperation with their business partners during these years, while providing optimal solutions and An economy commensurate with the needs and budgets of esteemed employers has had the honor of implementing the largest telecommunication and security projects for organizations, industries and vital infrastructure of the country and equipping hundreds of important industrial and key centers in our beloved country Iran. Kimia Electronics is proud to always have a significant contribution in the design and implementation of large-scale large-scale projects in critical infrastructure and high-risk areas of the country, in line with its mission to meet all security needs of its customers comprehensively and integrated.

KIMIA Products & Solutions