Kimia Electronic, as the first IP video surveillance system provider in Iran, has two decades of experience in conducting more than 400 electronic security projects for industries, public and private organizations, critical infrastructures, banks, etc. including design and engineering, procurement, installation, maintenance, and technical support.

Kimia Electronic provides IP video surveillance solutions such as video recording, AI-based video analytics using deep learning video analytics, servers and network video recorders for video storage, video stream using network cables, fiber optics, etc. live or recorded HD video playback, smart codecs for lossless video compression and optimized bandwidth management to reduce bandwidth while image quality and details remain constant.

Using IP video surveillance solutions, video streams may be managed remotely of anywhere just by network connection and web interface. With a simple and user-friendly interface, video management software is also another tool to view and manage live and recorded video of many cameras and sites.

Kimia Electronic has conducted the most large-scale IP video surveillance projects in oil industry hazardous areas such as offshore gas platforms of Persian Gulf, other critical infrastructures such as Iran power plants and refineries, Iran Judiciary, etc.

Kimia Electronic provides solutions scalable for project needs in future and may be integrated easily by access control, fire alarm, perimeter protection, and public address solutions.