The more development of transport industry, the more increase in security challenges and risks. Protecting the lives of passengers, staff and resources in public transport stations such as railway and subway stations. Railway stations include different facilities such as under-ground ways, parking lots, ware houses, ticket office, control room, etc. which all need continuous monitoring.

Traditionally, any incident was reported by passengers or staff. But, there are a lot of intelligent security solutions today to response instantly and proactively to any threat. Independent of light and weather conditions, clear images of high quality and details help security operators to have an accurate estimation of conditions. Below, some security solutions for transport systems can be seen:

  • Perimeter protection solutions for railway and station perimeter
  • Cameras of enough WDR for challenging light conditions
  • Thermal imaging technology to detect objects such as people who want to enter railway for suicide or other abnormal behaviors independent of light and weather conditions
  • Intelligent analysis technologies to detect unusual activities and motions
  • Access control and limit for people who want to enter organizational parts
  • Continuous monitoring to reduce costs of graffiti and unauthorized advertisements
  • Fire alarm systems to prevent from fire

Kimia Electronic provides and integrates open platform security solutions to ensure the highest level of safety and security for passengers, staff, and assets of public transport systems.