Stadium owners and organizations holding international sport competitions, cultural events and great gatherings are constantly faced with various security challenges to make the best experience for people who wants to enjoy these competitions and events in addition to ensure safety and security. On the one hand, constant monitoring of behaviors and motions of people to prevent from unusual behaviors against rival team players and fans and interruptions during competitions is necessary; on the other hand, optimized management is very important to create the more enjoy and excitement.

Moreover, terrorist attacks to stadiums around world became the main reason to provide intelligent security solutions for crowded environments such as stadiums.

It is important to:

  • accurately monitor doors, ticket offices, emergency escape ways and food stalls
  • record high resolution video of the whole stadium
  • intelligently detection of any unusual activity and motion
  • integrating different security solutions such as video surveillance, access control, …
  • manage all security systems using an intelligent and simple to use software
  • control parking lots, traffic, lost vehicles, suspicious vehicles entering the parking, …

Considering the difficulty and great importance of making high populated areas safe and secure, Kimia Electronic provides end-to-end security solutions to ensure both peace of mind and excitement.

Azadi Stadium in Kermanshah, Takhti Stadium in Tehran and Abadan, Yadegare Emam Stadium in Tabriz, and Yasouj Stadium are just some examples of Kimia Electronic projects.