Protecting urban infrastructures and residents is the first priority of safe city solutions. Fast rate of urban development needs new intelligent security solutions. Thus, Kimia Electronic strives to develop safe city structures by integrating intelligent security solutions to make safe and easy life style for society.

We aim to monitor city districts using video surveillance solutions and integrate obtained data to be aware of city security and safety to better develop a safe city.

Traffic control and management, traffic data analysis, using license plate recognition cameras and software to detect license plate characters, vehicle color, and unique features such as labels are required to develop a safe city.

Face recognition algorithms of high accuracy, analysis algorithms for modeling human body features using camera video streams, unusual activity detection algorithms, population evaluation and analysis in crowded areas such as main urban squares, public transport systems such as subway, railway stations, airports, alarms and notifications against over population, etc. are features of a safe city relying on artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Hence, design and implementing safe city solutions to reduce crimes, car theft, vandalism, anti-social behaviors, riots, and fire suppression, etc. is of great importance.

Video analytics technologies based on artificial intelligence for face recognition and appearance search in all sites is a very effective way for security operators to be proactive and quickly response.

Kimia Electronic provides intelligent scalable and open platform security solutions to integrate with other solutions and extend in future if needed.