Developing residential, industrial, educational, … sites requires high quality systems to amplify, transfer, and stream sound for better communication.

We provide IP communication solutions with high quality sound to inform public, announce warning in case of danger to evacuate site, music playing, etc. in large public environments, and numerous critical sites such as offshore oil and gas platforms, refineries, power plants, airports, hospitals, stadiums, …

These systems integrated with fire alarm, video surveillance, and access control systems is an important part of a total security solution.

Using pre-recorded emergency messages in the system memory in case of incidents reduces response time and enhances safety and system performance.

Based on infrastructure requirements and project needs, Kimia Electronic provides the best modular and scalable public address solution which may be extended in future, fit with different environments, and integrated with other security platforms to diminish traditional analog systems. We provide new AI-based IP solutions for sound transfer and public announcement in environments of high risks and challenges, and any environment which needs optimized sound solutions.