Perimeter protection is essential for all military, industrial, commercial and residential sites. Gates, alarms, barriers, microwave Doppler, and infra-red sensors, as well as software equipment are a part of solutions applied for critical indoor and outdoor sites. Really, perimeter protection includes systems and technologies that prevents from intrusion. Sites and buildings were previously constructed on high lands and out of reach with few fully monitored entrances, but this is not efficient for today urban life style.

Depending on the value of site assets and vulnerabilities against threats of intruders, perimeter protection solutions should be provided for all site buildings and perimeter. There are a wide variety of fences to prevent from intrusions. In addition to providing appropriate perimeter protection solutions, it is very important that systems performance is of minimum errors in detection and alarms and distinguishing between intrusion and animal movements and leaves of trees in windy and storm conditions.

Kimia Electronic company secures different sites including buildings and perimeter by providing intelligent perimeter protection solutions integrated with access control, video surveillance, fire alarm, and public address systems.