Kimia Electronic Company of twenty-two years of experience in conducting electronic security projects for critical infrastructures of oil and gas industry such as offshore platforms, refineries, etc.

Thus, Kimia Electronic provides optimized electronic solutions appropriate for hazardous areas with harsh environmental conditions.

On the one hand, protection of critical infrastructures is of high priority as they supply required fuel and other required essential resources; on the other hand, there are a lot of challenges in this way due to geographical and environmental conditions. Over these years, Kimia Electronic has conducted the most large-scale electronic security projects for oil, gas and petrochemical industry. By equipment of more than 14 offshore oil and gas platforms located in hazardous and of high risk areas, kimia Electronic provides end-to-end and intelligent video surveillance solutions and integrates them with access control, fire alarm and public address solutions to protect oil and gas offshore platforms, fields, refineries, etc.

Kimia Electronic implements end-to-end security solutions after evaluation of project needs and field surveys, supplying appropriate equipment such as explosion-proof systems to prevent from any undesirable event in hazardous areas of high probability of explosion due to high gas concentration, equipment resistant against high temperature, humidity, and cohesion. Equipment of Gas offshore platforms and sites Pars Oil and Gas Company, Azar Oil Field, Shazand Petrochemical and Refinery, Kharg Petrochemical, Iranol Oil Company, Oil Industry Research Institute are some examples of Kimia Electronic Successful electronic security projects.