Kimia Electronic Company Equips airports all over Iran by video surveillance, perimeter protection, access control, etc.

Vandalism and terrorism threats makes it critical to secure airports. Regarding the importance of airports security which have many entrance and a high density of people, Kimia Electronic Co. ensures protection of assets and resources, in addition to people safety by integrated and intelligent security systems.

Some of safety and security solutions for different parts of airports including entrances, passport checking, stores, parking lots, perimeter area, restaurants, … are:

  • Parking lots management
  • Baggage protection against theft
  • Prevention of unauthorized people entrance
  • Monitoring restaurants and stores, detect any unusual behavior of customers or staff
  • Live monitoring and intelligent surveillance of events in all sites
  • Recognition of suspicious people using face recognition solutions and tracking them
  • Finding someone who left a suspicious bag using advanced search options in an extremely time period
  • Send alarm notifications to security operators to examine detailed and high quality videos and instantly response
  • Airport perimeter protection, unusual motion detection, queue management, gates and parking lots management

Based on its experience in conducting electronic security projects in airports all over Iran, Kimia Electronic Co. ensures safety and security of airports by integrating video surveillance, access control, fire alarm and public address solutions.