Access control is a first step of security to protect people and assets and a way to manage, control, and limit people access in different sites. Also, access control limits who when enters where with/without vehicle and access what such as building, room, sites, cabinets, etc.

Access control systems are a good alternative for traditional key and lock systems specially in buildings, sites, and organizations which have more entrances, doors, rooms, and any accessible locations with more crowd of people, because:

  • Lock should be replaced by key loss to prevent from misuse of lost keys.
  • It was not possible to have any accurate information of people enter/exit time.
  • In case of big sites with a lot of doors and locks, it was inevitable to carry a lot of keys which it makes hard understanding which key belongs to which lock. Moreover, marked keys were faced with more security risks.
  • After-hours working or entering different parts of large organizations of many sites was impossible for everyone without keys

Providing access control solutions, Kimia Electronic helps organizations to increase efficiency of working processes in addition to protect them from security threats.

Different levels of access, authorized times, and unauthorized access for different people are defined by access control systems. Obtaining hours without access in some of sites based on recorded data in the system helps to limit or ban access to those site during certain hours.

Kimia Electronic provide access control solutions which may be easily integrated with video surveillance, intrusion detection, and other physical security solutions. Remote control and management is easily done in the network structure, and any modification in different ways of authentication such as card and biometric just need some clicks.

Access control solutions provided by Kimia Electronic are scalable to extend and change based on project needs in future and easily may be integrated by video surveillance, perimeter protection and alarm systems to track threats by high accuracy and makes security operators proactive.